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Welcome to the web site of SOLA Canada Lighting & Power Inc. 

Our goal is:
- Quality products
- Competitive pricing
- Service, Service, Service....


SOLA Canada’s online internet service is designed to provide you the customer, and visitor with information about our company, access to online product information in the form of Cross Reference Files packed with useful information and complete technical datasheets in downloadable PDF formats as well as marketing information and what's new at SOLA Canada. 

As a full line ballast supplier to the Canadian lighting and electrical industry the SOLA brand is a renowned and trusted product name in Canada. 

The SOLA brand is once again an integral part of the Canadian lighting scene through the supply of quality, competitively priced ballasts and components. 

We are located in Mississauga, where we have established our offices and warehouse to support you the customer in sourcing quality SOLA brand products. 


PCB's in Ballasts:

To determine if "old" ballasts contain pcb's, please use the following information published by Environment Canada:




Supporting EFC and the industry in combatting counterfeiting.....

Report Counterfeit/Unsafe electrical products by using the following link:




Our Products
Electronic Fluorescent
Electronic Fluorescent
Magnetic Fluorescent
Magnetic Fluorescent
Plastic Sign Ballast
Plastic Sign Ballast
HID Ballast
HID Ballast
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